10% of world's web browsing now done via smartphones

10% of world's web browsing now done via smartphonesBe honest - how many of you bother to fire up the laptop or sit in front of the computer when you're lazing about at home and just want to check something quickly online whilst holding a smartphone? The honest answer is probably not many.

Which isn't surprising. Nor is the fact that 10% of all web activity now comes directly from smartphones.

It's not clear if tablets are classed as 'smartphones' in the numbers from Pingdom, but either way, it's fair to say that soaring sales of both Apple's iPhone and Google's Android handsets are driving forth our mobile browsing usage. Add to that the amount of data that's used by dedicated apps and you can see why so much browsing is done portably.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is how much the number has grown too. The original figure as recently as two years ago was just 3.81%. Wowzers.

We have to give the big heads up to Asia though rather than Europe which is where the majority of the browsing appears to come from. 18% of that figure provided by the switched on (and populous countries) over the other side of the world.

Which makes us wonder - just how much of your browsing is done by the smartphone or on your tablet? One friend of this author's was waving his iPad around the other day and proclaiming: "I should have just gone Wifi - I will do that next time."

He clearly doesn't do much browsing away from home - but do you? Would be interested to paint a picture of how Mobotniks use their devices compared to the official stats. Let us know below.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 10, 2012 at 20:30

“In India, Indonesia and Pakistan, the mobile phone is the primary, and often only, way users access the internet, at 40%, 48% and 48%, respectively,”

Via Opera's "State of the Mobile Web", March 2011 http://www.opera.com/smw/2012/03/

n March 2012, the Opera Mini browser saw increases in unique users, page views and data consumed. In all, more than 168 million people used the Opera Mini browser in March, 117 billion pages were served and more than 19 petabytes of operator data were compressed for Opera Mini users. The total number of monthly Opera Mini users exclude Opera Mini Next installations.

SpeedyG  May. 10, 2012 at 22:39

Just browsing on my phone now lol.

Having no flash to view net content be a problem. Roll on HTML 5.


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