100 Rogues iPhone review

100 Rogues iPhone review

Graphics and gameplay may have constantly evolved through decades of development, but games rarely get more satisfying than good old fashioned dungeon crawls. Grinding through monster-infested mazes for fun, profit and experience is always good for killing a few hours, and 100 Rogues takes a refreshing new tack with the tired old genre.

As you'd expect, players choose either a melee or spellslinging character class and embark on an adventure through a multi-tiered dungeon (with the objective of killing Satan, no less). Levels are randomly-generated and populated with all manner of foes to slay and treasure to loot; featuring simple touchscreen controls for moving your hero around and engaging in combat.

100 Rogues iPhone reviewMovement and combat is turn based, with each map square or attack counting as a single action. In fact, it resembles the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series in terms of basic mechanics. Killing foes yields plenty of experience to invest in a streamlined skills system, and, of course, more loot than you can shake a stick at. Once you've located the exit to a level, you'll be transported onto the next; with a boss blocking your way every four stages.

So far, so completely clichéd... right? Not quite. Despite broadly adhering to every genre trope in the book, 100 Rogues adds its own innovations that exponentially improve upon the formula.

Most dungeon crawlers are extremely long, rambling odysseys, but 100 Rogues fillets this action down to a delicious bitesize portion that's perfect for playing on the move. Every step you take diminishes a hunger meter that results in instant death when it hits rock bottom.

100 Rogues iPhone reviewThis turns the experience into a thrilling arcade romp rather than a tedious grind, with the emphasis firmly on continually attacking your best high scores and reaching further than your last attempt. There's still plenty of content and loads of levels to conquer, though. Don't you worry.

Personality-laden visuals and an infectious, self-deprecating sense of humour round out the package, and to be quite honest, it's difficult to fault. Numerous updates have smoothed over a few nasty glitches meaning that it's a fine addition to any iTunes collection.


  • Fun, satisfying dungeon crawling
  • Addictive arcade mechanics
  • Loads of content


  • Traditional RPG fans may be disappointed
  • Occasional cheap deaths
  • Say it with me... dangerously addictive!

Summary: 100 Rogues blends arcade thrills with engrossing dungeon crawling. It's the very best of both worlds.

Developer: Fusion Reactions

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: £0.59 - App Store

100 Rogues iPhone review

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krnmgn85  Feb. 15, 2011 at 01:24

I LOVE THIS GAME. I'm happy to see 100 Rogues getting some well deserved attention. I have been hooked on this game for 3 or 4 months now. It seems to get better and better over time. I think this is partly my knowing the game so well now, and partly that the game makers have made some nice improvements over the last month or two. I hope they keep advancing this game. I've loved their new "Skelly" bandit, and I'd like to be able to play more than 3 classes. Ah well, all things in good time, I suppose!

ryanszrama  Feb. 15, 2011 at 15:37

Agreed... this is one of my favorite games on the iPhone and among my favorite Roguelikes. : )


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