100,000+ TouchPads headed to the US

100,000+ TouchPads headed to the USEarlier in the week, HP announced it plans “one more run” of TouchPads for folks who weren’t lucky enough to grab one for $99 first time round. Alas, as Mobot exclusively revealed, we won’t be getting any in the UK. Boo.

Digitimes has shed a little light on the final shipment, and estimates that 100,000-200,000 HP TouchPad units are destined for the US of A.

Seemingly the original TouchPad order was for 900,000-1.1 million units, and HP has reportedly received 800,000-900,000 of them already. That leaves up to 200,000 units still to come.

HP is supposedly keen to mend its relationship with component suppliers after canning the TouchPad, and aims to clear out their inventories of components with the final shipments.

Digitimes adds that HP has binned its plans for a 7in tablet. That’s not surprising really.

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