1001 Ultimate Mahjong iOS review

1001 Ultimate Mahjong iOS reviewWow, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything on iOS, mostly because I’m stuck back on version 4.something with my 2nd gen iPod touch. Bah. Bring on the iPad 3, baby.

Thankfully this little gem, 1001 Ultimate Mahjong, is willing to play nice with my ancient iDevice, and as such I’ve been playing mahjong all bloody afternoon. It’s great.

I apologise in advance if this review is all over the place. I allocated myself plenty of time to play and review 1001 Ultimate Mahjong, but spent way too much time doing the former. Now I have to scribble 400-odd words fast as furg and dash to an appointment.

Right, so, mahjong. Chances are you’ve probably played it in some format over the years. I fondly remember a brief romance with mahjong on my Amiga 500 Plus some years ago. Good times.

In mahjong, you have a stack of tiles bearing various designs, and your task is to match them in pairs and ultimately clear the playing area. I believe in real life it’s usually played competitively by four people, but we’re flying solo in 1001 Ultimate Mahjong.

As the name suggests, 1001 Ultimate Mahjong has 1,001 arrangements to choose from. They’re split into 11 sets, including Traditional and Base (available from the get-go), and several more that can be unlocked or bought, such as Life, Geek, Abstract and WTF.

Many of the arrangements form very definite shapes – a pair of glasses, a love heart, a dumbbell and a gun to name just a few. It’s all very Picross.

As I mentioned, I was playing 1001 Ultimate Mahjong on my iPod, and the pieces are quite small. You can zoom in, and it looks splendid when you do, but unfortunately not being able to see the entire board isn’t conducive to wrapping things up quickly.

Actually, I’m quite sure that was my only gripe with 1001 Ultimate Mahjong. Well, other than the fact that it consumed several hours of my life in what felt like five minutes. You’ve been warned.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are five tile sets (including flags, which I freakin’ loved), eight themes and a whopping 40+ backgrounds. Any way you like it, 1001 Ultimate Mahjong looks great.

There’s little in the way of sound, but you can fire up your own music through the little logo in the bottom right.

And that’s 1001 Ultimate Mahjong. Fantastic.


  • 1,001 arrangements
  • Looks great
  • Five tile sets, eight themes and 40+ backgrounds


  • It’ll remorselessly consume you for hours
  • The pieces are quite small

Summary: 1,001 Ultimate Mahjong is crammed full of arrangements and visual options, and it's super-addictive. What are you waiting for?

Developer: Clickgamer Technologies @ Nawia Games

Requires: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Price: 69p @ App Store

1001 Ultimate Mahjong iOS review

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