10in PlayBook canned, QNX superphone coming soon

10in PlayBook canned, QNX superphone coming soonRecently we’ve heard that several manufacturers have reassessed their tablet forecasts, presumably as a result of the iPad’s unwavering dominance, with their R&D focus swinging back to smartphones.

Now N4BB reports that RIM’s plans for a 10in variant of the PlayBook (er, thought to be called the PlayBook 2) have been canned altogether. Can’t say we’re surprised.

According to the N4BB article, they’ve “received new word” (presumably from an anonymous source who doesn’t wish to be named lest he turn up dead in a field) that RIM will focus instead on its first QNX BlackBerry “superphone”.

It’s expected to feature a 1.2GHz single-core processor. The dual-core processor in the PlayBook was said to be a battery killer, though dual-core hasn’t been entirely ruled out at this stage.

The as-yet-unnamed superphone is also said to have a 4.3in touchscreen, suggesting it won’t have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The 7in PlayBook recently landed with a lackluster thud, receiving mixed reviews and failing to include a native email client. The industry consensus is that the PlayBook was rushed out.

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