11 more Sony handsets on the way?

11 more Sony handsets on the way?

Crikey! Sony isn't hanging about following its release from Ericsson and already has 11 upcoming handsets listed, according to a leak seen by GSM Arena.

Yes, we knew about the Nypon and Kumquat - but this list has another nine models with a range of interesting names, from the Pepper, The Tapioca, the Tapioca DS, the Hayabusa, the Atlas, the Mint and the Affm to the Lotus and the Olive.

There's no specs mentioned - but there is a hint that the Hayabusa could come in at $632 and the Mint at $720. That's all we have for you, folks. But at least we can give you more info on the two that we do (sort of) know about:

The Nypon is a NovaThor U8500-based handset and gives us Sony's fantastic qHD Reality display (4-inches in this case) with a fairly respectable, but no longer massively adventurous 8MP snapper and 1080 HD video recording.

The Kumquat, meanwhile, is also rocking a NovaThor U8500 chipset but has more parred down specs. For example, the screen is 3.5-inches and FWVGA whilst the camera is 5MP with 720 video recording.

Standby for more leaks in the coming months!

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