12.9in iPad Pro rumoured again

12.9in iPad Pro rumoured againApple’s latest flagship tablet took a page out of the Californian manufacturer’s MacBook naming guide, launching in late October not as the iPad 5, but as the iPad Air.

We’re hearing that that might well be the case again next year, with Apple tipped to launch a little – sorry, giant – something called the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro whispers kicked up (again) shortly after the launch of the iPad Air, though it was specifically rumoured as the iPad Maxi last time around, which is a pretty terrible name in anyone’s book.

Indeed, reader dazza6969 suggested that it’d surely be called the iPad Pro.

That’s the name we’ll go with here, with Korea Times saying the 12.9in iPad will be released in early 2014.

“Apple’s local first-tier display supplier is now producing a 12.9-inch Retina Display to be used in the new iPad, which will be coming out sometime early next year,” an official at a local Korean Apple supplier told the site. “That display is now being manufactured by the supplier's plant in Korea.”

In addition, we’re told to expect “very clear [picture] quality similar to that of UHD.”

Other rumoured iPad Pro specs include a Microsoft Surface-style keyboard dock, which would almost take us full circle and back into MacBook territory; convergence and all that.

Not to be outdone, Samsung is said to be prepping tablets up to 13in in size, and of course we’ve been hearing lots about a supposedly imminent Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2.

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lump  Nov. 20, 2013 at 14:41

iPad Maxi - found in the womens feminine hygiene section at the supermarket.

loofer  Nov. 20, 2013 at 18:57

surely they can't can't just give it a bigger screen size and call it Pro, that's POoR (see what I did there!?)
Even upping the internal specs isn't enough for it to be anything pro-ish. Obviously they don't want to go too far by competing with the MacBook range.
Maybe it should also come with the full version of all their Doc/ Spreadsheet/Database/Presentation apps
I think the iPad Air only came with limited versions


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