13.3in Samsung Warhol T910/T911 to join AMOLED Galaxy Tab S

13.3in Samsung Warhol T910/T911 to join AMOLED Galaxy Tab SThe Samsung tablet factory has churned out several models already this year (I believe 7 is the official number doing the rounds), but if you thought the South Koreans might take a break for a few months, you are out of your FREAKIN’ MIND, Jim.

We’ve been hearing loads about the AMOLED-rockin’ Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 lately; they’ll supposedly be joined by the 13.3in Samsung T910/T911 – or “Warhol” to use its codename.

Credit goes to GSMArena, which in turn openly credits its “inside contact that's involved with developing Kid's mode”. Shouldn’t be too hard to plug that particular leak.

The guy (or indeed gal) reiterates the recent Samsung Galaxy Tab S news, but to be honest, we got a more thorough breakdown from SamMobile last week, with an accompanying picture to boot.

The real story here is the colossal 13.3in Samsung Warhol, which is even bigger than the recent 12.2in Galaxy Tab Pro/Galaxy Tab Note tablets.

Details are light, but we’re told the Samsung Warhol will likely be LCD rather than AMOLED, with the same 2560 x 1600 resolution as the inbound Galaxy Tab S tablets. You can also expect KitKat Android 4.4 with a generous slather (ahem) of "Samsung's latest customizations".

Oh, and obviously one of those model numbers (T910/T911) indicates mobile connectivity, though it’s not clear if we’re talking 3G or LTE at this stage. For what it’s worth, SamMobile said the 3G Galaxy Tab S was canned in favour or LTE.

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