Is this the HTC Wildfire 2?

Is this the HTC Wildfire 2?Is this good looker from HTC the hitherto non-existent Wildfire 2? Could well be...

The image is taken from an otherwise dishwater-dull video ad entitled 'HTC Innovation'. It's the usual marketing fare for the most part, and starts with a long shot of an everyday chap taking a quiet walk on the beach at sunset. Because that's what we all do, apparently.

Our well adjusted hero stoops down and picks up a stone, and right before his eyes – well, with a fairly clumsy changeover actually, suddenly he's holding a brand new HTC phone we've never laid eyes on before.

Is it the Wildfire 2? In truth, there's no saying, but there are a couple of things that suggest that it could well be. First of all, the phone being cradled so tenderly in our sensitive soul's hand is quite clearly Wildfire-sized – that means a 3.2in screen in case you'd forgotten.

There's no optical trackpad below the screen, either, suggesting this is an evolution of the Wildfire's form factor and design, which could well mean a successor.

Timing could be one issue, as the original Wildfire was only announced in May last year. But HTC hasn't shown any particular attachment to a 12-month release cycle like, for instance, Apple has with the iPhone, and given how competitive the entry-level smartphone market is, nine months isn't as short as it might seem.

As mentioned in our HTC-flavoured MWC preview yesterday, a listing for an HTC Wildfire S has been spotted in a German mobile carrier's inventory system. Admittedly that's an even more tenuous product rumour than HTC's advertising department mistakenly grabbing a phone no-one's supposed to know about for a company ad, but it hasn't stopped those rumours from spreading like, well, you know.

So is the HTC Wildfire 2 going to make an appearance at Mobile World Congress next week? Will the Wildfire S be there? Are they indeed – as seems quite likely – the exact same device? So many questions – and we'll be there to answer them for you next week.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 9, 2011 at 11:56

Dare I say it? Borin...g! It's time HTC brought in some new designers.


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