1.5GHz Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the way?

1.5GHz Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the way?I still find myself wanting to call the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the Google Nexus Prime. Go figure.

Anyways, the rumour mill is pumping out fresh talk of an upgraded Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with a faster processor and possibly a better camera. Très intéressant, as the Germans say.

I’ve already scribbled about NenaMark – the Android benchmark for hardware accelerated graphics – this morning, and the same site is responsible for this here story.

See, NenaMark was visited by a cheeky Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a PowerVR SGX544 GPU, the same chap found on Texas Instruments’ imminent OMAP4470 processor. It’s the successor to the OMAP4460 found on the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which has an SGX540 GPU. Putting two and two together...

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is currently underclocked from 1.5GHz to 1.2GHz, and there are suggestions that this new OMAP4470-powered variant – if it does indeed exist – might be underclocked to 1.5GHz.

On the poo side, the nippier Samsung Galaxy Nexus variant might very well be US only. Sprint is expected to announce a 4G LTE model - possibly with an 8MP shooter - shortly. On the other hand, that might come as some consolation to UK citizens who’ve already invested in the Android flagship. Or not. Are we bothered?

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