Samsung to release Olympic phone

Samsung to release Olympic phoneEarlier this week we saw Alcatel’s special edition Royal Wedding handset, which looks absolutely punch-yourself-in-the-crown-jewels fantastic. Now Samsung is following suit with a special Olympic-themed phone.

Presumably the Samsung Olympic phone won’t be quite as ridiculous the Royal Wedding thingy, however we don’t know anything about it other than the fact that it’ll support Near-Field Communication (NFC).

NFC is tipped to become a massive dealio over the next few years, essentially allowing you to make contactless payments with your phone and removing the need to carry around your wallet (or purse. Sorry, ladies).

Samsung isn’t exactly new to the NFC game. In fact, it released one of the world’s first NFC-compatible handsets in the Google Nexus S. The Samsung Galaxy S II will also come with NFC support. The iPhone 5 may or may not embrace NFC, depending who you ask.

Meanwhile, plans to bring mobile to the London Underground in time for the Olympics have reportedly fallen through, however around 120 stations will offer Wi-Fi.

Via: The Telegraph

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