Lawsuits are good

Lawsuits are goodIf you’ve been hiding under a rock this week, you’ve missed, well, not very much. It’s understandably quiet after January’s CES and February’s Mobile World Congress. Android continues to dominate pretty much everything, from smartphones to tablets, and there were a bunch of iPad 2 rumours. Meh.

To be fair, we do finally have a date for the official unveiling of the iPad 2, but everything else – final specs, tales of last-minute design changes, the release date slipping back to June – is just rumour for now.

So imagine my delight when I came across a story that was completely unrelated to either the iPad 2 or Android, namely the lawsuits against Motorola and HTC, yay!

You’d suspect that naming a device would be a pretty big deal, requiring tons of research and a dash of legal advice. It’s not clear whether Motorola and HTC were just naïve, or didn’t give a damn whose toes they stepped on.

Motorola released its Xoom tablet this week, much to the annoyance of Xoom, an online-payment provider. On the surface, it looks like Xoom (erm, the payment provider) is over-reacting. After all, there’s not much confusing a tablet and a funds-transfer service. But Xoom could potentially be used by Xoom users; confusing, no?

If the payment service gets its way, Motorola will have to rename the Xoom, which would undoubtedly be a massive pain in the balls. Indeed, Xoom attempted – unsuccessfully, obviously – to stop the tablet’s launch last Thursday. Clearly it means business.

Similarly, ChaCha, a questions and answers service, is upset about the HTC ChaCha, due for release in Q2. ChaCha is available online and in app form, which means you'll be able to download ChaCha for your ChaCha from the Android Market. Brilliant.

We’ll be keeping one eye firmly glued to this story in the coming weeks, while the other is inevitably fixed on the iPad 2’s unveiling. Waitaminute, that doesn’t leave any eyes for Android…

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