3D Bowling Android review

3D Bowling Android reviewThis is the third Android game I’ve looked at this week from Italy Games. In fact, they’ve only published five games in total, so I’ve now eaten my way through more than half of their entire catalogue. Mmm, tasty.

The first two were the excellent Zombie Dash and the very good Math Game. Can 3D Bowling make it three in a row?

As you’d expect from a touchscreen ten-pin bowling game, you launch your ball with a flick of the screen, and you can add spin by swiping curvily. Waitaminute... is that a word? Hmm, I don’t think so.

There’s nothing fancy about 3D Bowling; no dancing robots or crazy points multipliers. You have ten frames, and two shots per frame in which to knock down all ten pins. Get them in one and it’s a strike; get them in two and it’s a spare.

If you manage a strike, you get 10 points plus the total for the next two balls (10 + 7 + 1 or 10 + 9 + 0, for example). For spares, you get 10 plus the points for the next ball (10 + 8, say). That I did not know, after countless years of playing ten-pin bowling, but I figured I should look into it for review purposes. You learn something new every day, huh?

One of the most notable things about 3D Bowling is that it’s lightning fast. You can breeze through 10 frames in less than two minutes. The downside is that you’re left feeling like some sort of automaton, mindlessly swiping over and over and over…

This feeling of pointlessness is compounded further by the fact that there’s very little – if any – skill involved. The aforementioned automaton would have just as much chance of getting a decent score as you.

The stats are quite welcome. They include Best Score, Average Score, Most Strikes, Consecutive Strikes… You can submit your scores to the online leaderboard if you’re so inclined.

There’s also a two-player pass-and-play mode. Somewhat confusingly, you have to use the same colour of ball, though it does make it pretty clear whose turn it is, to be fair.

And that’s 3D Bowling. Meh.


  • Five environments and various balls
  • Stats
  • Two-player


  • No skill
  • No point
  • Kill me now (I jest)

Summary: 3D Bowling is a so-so touchscreen ten-pin bowling game. It’s… fine. I don’t think 3D Bowling is particularly flawed; it’s just that touchscreen bowling is intrinsically lacking in depth.

Developer: Italy Games

Requires: Android 2.0.1 or above

Price: free @ Android Market

3D Bowling Android review

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