What 3G enabled phone suitable for non-tech mother?

I've just switched my mum's number over from TPO to Three (both PAYG).
the Three SIM card wouldn't work in her old LG phone and I've since realised that Three only operate on 3G and not 2G.

Mum is very low user and only requires mins and won't use any data or even texts, so Three is cheapest at 3p/min.

So I now need to get her another phone that is 3G enabled but ideally with physical keypad. She is going to struggle learning to use touch screen.

Has to be a very simple phone to use (and very cheap). Considered BlackBerry but even then I think that might be a bit too complex. The only function she will ever use is
Phonebook/directory > find the person > call them > hang up!
That is it.


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