3MP rear camera for iPad 2?

3MP rear camera for iPad 2?Those Apple boys are notorious for keeping things duct-taped to their chests, but ye olde rumour mill is churning with speculation that we might see a 3MP rear camera on the iPad 2, and – get this – that the device might not actually be called the iPad 2. iPad HD, anyone?

A camera was one the great omissions from the original iPad, though Apple are big fans of leaving things open for improvement. Remember the lack of MMS on the iPhone 2G? Or the inability to send bulk messages?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Toshiba take pot-shots at the iPad with its new tablet trailer. It openly promises a 5MP rear-facing camera, and 2MP on the front. So what’s in store for the iPad 2?

Apple is being typically shy about specs. We're pretty certain there’ll be a front-facing camera for FaceTime, but the rear camera is somewhat of a mystery. It was rumoured we’d see something similar to the 4th gen iPod, which sports a modest 0.7MP, however developer Chris Galz has found evidence in iOS 4.3 Beta 3 that points towards a substantially meatier 3MP.

As if that wasn’t juicy enough, Galz also found evidence of a compass, Display port, and – juicier still – references to 720p video. The obvious question arises: will we be able to record in 720p? And what resolution will the screen be? The existing iPad screen is 1024x768, but any higher and we might well see the iPad HD.

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