4-5 week wait time for iPad 2 in US

4-5 week wait time for iPad 2 in USCustomers eager for the iPad 2 on the other side of the Atlantic now face a mammoth 4-5 week wait time. That’s the latest estimate given on Apple’s online store, be it the Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G iPad.

The online store initially reported a shipping time of 3-5 days, but that quickly jumped to 5-7 days then 2-3 weeks. Retail stores are also running low, though there are reports of new shipments arriving on Tuesday a.m. in the States, with some branches opening an hour early.

An estimated 1 million iPad 2s have been sold since Friday. Apple hasn’t released exact sales figures yet, but confirmed: “demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been amazing.” Yeah, we kinda figured that already.

As time goes on, it’s becoming increasingly likely that Apple will use at least some of its rest-of-the-world resource to pacify the Yanks. At this stage, we’ll be surprised if the UK launch of the iPad 2 goes ahead unaffected.

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