4G could screw up TV for up to two million

4G could screw up TV for up to two millionHere in the United Kingdom, we’re still eagerly awaiting 4G, as countries like the US scream ahead in the great data race.

However, according to big daddy government, 4G could screw with up to two million televisions when it arrives in the UK. Oh, the humanity.

Culture minister Ed Vaizey reckons the 945,000 peeps with signal amplifiers and the 953,000 with communal aerials could be affected by the introduction of 4G at 800MHz.

But don’t worry; our fearless leaders have a plan.

An independent body called MitCo will receive funding in the amount of £180 million, with which it’ll buy and install filters. However, those with “non standard” or indoor aerials are kinda screwed, to put it bluntly.

Following a “mixture of consumer based and selective mobile network based mitigation methods”, Ofcom estimates that 8,500 will remain affected. Bad times.

The UK 4G saga has been plagued by network bickering and claims that the proposed auction process is “illegal”. Everything Everywhere hoped to crank out 4G this year, but its rival are – predictably – not happy.

All going well, we should see 4G in the UK next year. Probably. Maybe.

via: Telegraph

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Pondlife  May. 18, 2012 at 16:20

Well the numbers have risen a fair bit but the issues been known about for ages.

JanSt / MOD  May. 19, 2012 at 11:46

Don't blame 4G - Murdoch, De Mol and Cowell pretty much screwed up TV for everyone.


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