No 4in Apple iPhone 6s mini after all? We’re not giving up hope

No 4in Apple iPhone 6s mini after all? We’re not giving up hopeOne rumour that’s been gaining traction over the past few weeks is the idea of a new smaller iPhone, a pocket-friendly iPhone 6s mini to sit alongside the inevitable iPhone 6s and possibly the iPhone 6s Plus.

One particular source says there’s no truth to the tale whatsoever, but considering it’s only friggin’ January, we won’t dismiss the iPhone 6s mini just yet.

The iPhone 6s mini was first rumoured back in early December, and more recently was given the thumbs up by US investment guys Zacks Equity Research.

This week, supply chain sources of Chinese-language tell us not to get too excited about the 4in iPhone 6s mini, as no orders have been placed. The meat of the article is in Chinese, but the English-language URL reads: Supply-chain-to-respond-to-four-inches-iPhone-6s-rumors-just-hype.

Again, it’s only January, so we’re not too concerned that Apple hasn’t set the ball in motion for a phone that might be launched in eight month’s time.

Similarly, there are reports that Samsung still doesn’t quite know what it’s doing with the imminent Galaxy S6, and it’ll likely launch this very quarter – or shortly thereafter.

This new story perhaps takes umbrage with the initial suggestion that the 4in iPhone 6s mini would launch in the first half of 2015, but we’d already pushed the launch back to September in our heads anyway.

In short: if you’re holding out for a smaller iPhone 6s, keep the dream alive in 2 0 1 5. If nothing else, it makes perfect sense to launch something new to replace the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, something with Apple Pay compatibility. You'll see.

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