5 emojis that no one uses EVER

5 emojis that no one uses EVERYesterday it was announced that the Unicode 7.0 standard will introduce no less than 250 new emojis, a large chunk of them being technology-related (Printer, Wastebasket, Desktop Window...) but the highlight undeniably being “Raised Hand With Middle Finger Extended”. Up YOURS, buddy (finally!).

Of course there’s no shortage of emojis as it stands already, and as such I figured I’d trawl through the iPhone selection and pick out five that no one EVER uses (except to send to someone and demand: “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?”).

As expected, it turns out many of the iPhone emojis are very Japanese, but some are still utterly baffling.

Definitions grabbed from iemoji.com, which also publishes stats pertaining to popularity. Turns out some of these guys do actually get used a lot. Wow.

5 emojis that no one uses EVERWhat the hell is it?: Four red bananas arranged into some sort of ritualistic symbol, commonly found at serial killer crime scenes

Seriously, what is it?: Apparently it’s the symbol for anger. Who knew?! I'd normally go for the little angry-faced guy, but whatever

Possible use: “Baby, we’re all out of fuggin’ bananas. I’M SO ANGRY!”

Twitter emoji popularity: 86 of 846

5 emojis that no one uses EVERWhat the hell is it?: Some sort of deformed cactus? No, wait! It’s clearly a Super Mario Bros background

Seriously, what is it?: It’s a, uhm, “Pine Decoration”

Possible use: “Hey man. Two questions. 1. Why is there an emoji for Pine Decoration? 2. What the hell’s a Pine Decoration?”

Twitter emoji popularity: 352 of 846

5 emojis that no one uses EVERWhat the hell is it?: It’s a flag comprised of two fish: one blue, one pink

Seriously, what is it?: A “Carp Streamer”, or “Koinobori” in Japanese. They’re traditionally flown to celebrate Children’s Day, a national holiday in Japan. Ok, that one’s pretty cool

Possible use: “Children’s Day! Let’s make some carp streamers and get stonkingly drunk on Asahi. Not necessarily in that order.”

Twitter emoji popularity: 267 of 846

5 emojis that no one uses EVERWhat the hell is it?: A diamond shape with a dot inside it

Seriously, what is it?: Seriously, it’s a diamond shape with a dot inside it

Possible use: “Hey Geoff, how would you describe that UFO we saw the other night? “Sup? I guess it was kinda like a diamond shape with, like, a dot inside it?”

Twitter emoji popularity: Unranked

5 emojis that no one uses EVERWhat the hell is it?: Ehm, it’s, M?

Seriously, what is it?: Of course, it’s the “Circled Latin Capital Letter M”

Possible use: “You wanna hang out? Drink some beers, watch some Baywatch?” “Can’t dude. I got those Latin classes. Tonight: Capital Letter M.”

Twitter emoji popularity: Unranked

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What is the temperature where you live, Lewis? It's very hot here. So wtf?



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