Is a 500mb data allowance enough for me?

I plan on taking out a new contract and I have seen one that is reasonable and it comes with 500mb of data per month. I watch a few youtube videos every day, for maybe a half hour in total, though that could be more on certain days. I browse a lot, I tweet a lot. Is this contract good enough for me?

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tonymcg  Feb. 19, 2011 at 14:05

I would say no.. I am on the older Tmobile package with 3gb, and dont really use it - just all the updates, facebook etc and still I use about 600mb and never even used youtube on it! This is on android, so not sure what OS you have on your phone. For your youtube alot I would say you need at least 1gb.. Whos the new contract with?

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 19, 2011 at 16:33

you won't be able to 'tube a lot at 500mb, that is for sure. Depending on the quality of the stream maybe 5-10 hrs in total; not doing anything else. You could save a bit using Opera Mini for ordinary browsing, and Skyfire for youtube (both browsers compress server-side, so you receive smaller data bundles)


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