Rumour: HTC 10.1in Windows 8 tablet already in mass production

Rumour: HTC 10.1in Windows 8 tablet already in mass productionIt's still early days, but some mobile observers are already saying HTC is on the road to redemption with the HTC One (despite it being delayed) and its involvement in Facebook Home (whatever it actually is).

We can see the merits of both those moves, but what of the latest rumours – that HTC is lining up a full HD Windows 8 tablet for later this year? Can the Taiwanese firm's winning touch make it three out of three?

It certainly wouldn't be based on any prior success in the tablet market. The original Android-based 7in Flyer launched a couple of years ago, but never got off the ground, and while rumours of further slates have come thick and fast since then, actual products haven't.

But analyst firm NPD DisplaySearch isn't letting that stand in the way, and is predicting HTC is working on a 10.1in Windows 8 tablet, fronted by a full HD panel made by LG (that works out at a 218ppi pixel density).

That aside, the only other nugget of info we're given is that fellow Taiwanese brand Pegatron will do the assembling for HTC, and that production is said to have begun in the first quarter.

It's by no means a far-fetched scenario, given how regularly HTC has been linked with tablets running Microsoft's OS in the past. But it would be a surprise for HTC to go the Windows 8 route and ignore Android should notions of a return to the tablet market prove correct. Maybe there's more Nexus action in HTC's future?

Via Focus Taiwan

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