Sony Togari and Honami rumoured: full HD screens, full on specs

Sony Togari and Honami rumoured: full HD screens, full on specs

Sony's seems to have had a bit of a breather from the ever-churning mobile rumour mill lately, but it's back with a bang thanks to Chinese site ePrice and rumours of two new smartphones supposedly condenamed Togari and Honami.

And in both cases it's time to crank up those eyebrows as if the claims are to be believed we're talking full HD, 2.3GHz quad-core CPUs, 20-megapixel cameras and other near-ridiculous specs.

We'll start with the Togari, and as it turns out this isn't actually it's first appearance in the crystal ball. Back in January it was rumoured to be making its way to Mobile World Congress 2013. But then it didn't.

If it had, believe me – you would have noticed it. It was rumoured then, and still is now, to come with a 6.44in full HD display, which would make it not far off 7in tablet dimensions overall. Which for something still officially termed a smartphone is borderline nuts, but anyway.

Earlier in the year there was nothing mentioned apart from the screen, and nothing has changed now. Maybe it's so ginormously big that that's all it actually is – a second screen for a far more reasonably sized phone.

Which, by comparison, is what the Honami looks to be with its 5in full HD panel. In this case we are given some other specs to work with, and if ePrice has its facts straight this should be some smartphone.

It's supposedly part of CEO Kaz Hirai's “One Sony” vision, which is aimed to bringing all the company's top tech trinkets together in individual products. Nice, but just please don't call it the Xperia One.

Alongside the full HD screen will be a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, a battery in the 2,700mAh-3,000mAh region, plus dust- and water-proofing... oh, and a 20MP camera boasting a Cyber-shot CMOS sensor and Carl Zeiss lens.

Not at all bad, if it's true. We're told to expect it to show its face at IFA in September. Here's hoping.


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