Lenovo planning cut-price quad-core Windows Phone phablet?

Lenovo planning cut-price quad-core Windows Phone phablet?

If your dial is tuned to all things Windows Phone you'll know that the GDR3 update is scheduled to bring support for quad-core processors and full HD displays before the end of the year.

And when it does, expect China's Lenovo to be among the early names looking to establish the mobile ascendency over the likes of Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

Chinese site WPDang (in Chinese) quoted unnamed sources over the weekend revealing that the Lenovo “Aupres” or “Snoopy” (those codenames were leaked separately by @evleaks) will land during the second half of the year, and will come with a quad-core processor and a 1080p screen sized either at 4.7in or 5in.

The interesting part is the price, which will supposedly come in at around CNY3,000, or around £340. If that translates at anything like that on the international scene, it could prove quite a bargain.

WPDang reckons Lenovo's high-end WP8 campaigner will go global using the company's existing PC channels, and so should be available in most major markets.

The question is – will “phablet” buyers take to Windows Phone 8, and if so will they be willing to look past the likes of Nokia and HTC and give an unknown (in smartphone circles, at least) such as Lenovo a try? Might be a tough sell.

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