Motorola Xplay phablet and Droid Ultra successor rumoured

Motorola Xplay phablet and Droid Ultra successor rumouredThe steady stream of Nexus news recently has overshadowed the almost total lack of action recently from that other Google-based mobile brand, Motorola.

That's especially true here in the Moto X-free UK, where the RAZR i is still listed as “new” on the Motorola homepage a year after its launch.

So here's hoping we might see some of Moto's next wave of releases, which could include a phablet with a whopping 6.3in display and a successor to the just-launched Droid Ultra, another US release we've yet to see here in the UK.

According to rumours surfaced on Weibo, and shared by Gforgames, the phablet will be launched as the Motorola Xplay sometime next year. Based on what we know at present that would make it among the biggest-screened phablets around, but by next year... who knows?

As for the Droid Ultra successor, it'll reportedly be known as the Droid Quantum – so probably the Quantum or RAZR Quantum if it ever makes it here.

That last point is the real question, of course. Motorola launched a trio of Droid Ultra-based handsets in the US recently, but we've yet to hear anything about an international launch.

Is Motorola giving up on the rest of the world? Probably not, but we could do with just a little love now and then, guys. And we don't mean the Motorola DVX.

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BatStateGuy  Oct. 10, 2013 at 12:25

Here in the States, we're waiting too. The "big deal" with the X is that it can be customized by buyers -- hundreds of color combinations and even real wood backs. That system is progressing slowly; so that even though we can buy a standard black or white version, we still have to wait for full customization. My thought is that Motorola is using the States as a research lab to perfect this system and then the next version will be released internationally. The rumor is that in November there will be more colors and more carriers available. For now, however, I am still waiting for my rosewood Moto-X.


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