CyanogenMod-loving Oppo N1 on sale in the UK next week for £370

CyanogenMod-loving Oppo N1 on sale in the UK next week for £370We've given the Oppo N1 a lot of coverage over the past few months – more than we normally devote to a device not from one of the main smartphone players.

Why exactly? The first reason is its connection to Cyanogen, while the second is far simpler: it's a new high-end Android beast that's headed for UK shores.

And Oppo has just given us the details. A Google+ update reveals the Oppo N1 will be available in the US and Europe next Tuesday, December 10. The price is only given in dollars and euros, but translates to around £360-£370.

For that, you'll be getting some fairly interesting features: a 5.9in full HD display, Oppo's O-Touch touch sensitive rear panel technology and probably the N1's signature feature: a 13MP camera you can rotate through 206 degrees to be forward or rear facing – or anything in between.

It's reportedly quite a fancy snapper too – it comprises 67 individual components, including six lens elements, and is powered by Sony's Exmor RS sensor.

That aside, you get a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor - the same as in the HTC One but a step down from the current CPU of choice, the S800, plus there's 2GB of RAM and a 3160mAh battery.

The December 10 on-sale date means there'll be plenty of time for discerning smartphone fans to treat themselves to an Oppo N1 before Santa's sled rolls out of its parking spot. Hit the OppoStyle online store closer to the time for more details.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 2, 2013 at 12:59

Until I see photos taken with this camera, I say, "meh" - the disadvantage of having a moving part attached to a drop-friendly slab of tech outweighs its gimmick potential.

I also wonder how, in future Google will treat CM ROM's access to its services. Hasn't Google just banished various CM-related apps from the Play Store?

Longman1  Dec. 2, 2013 at 16:27

back in the days google told CM that gapps are property of google where as android is open sourced. hence what amazon due with the kindle is ok, the don't pay to have the gapps onboard(even thought thats not part of their business models)

however if this device is not google certified for gapps then i see potential issues. i understand that most end users will sideload them regardless.

the reason i have read that they allow gapps to be distributed is because they understand users who make custom roms coming from a google certified device will be able to load those back on


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