Two 7in Amazon Kindle Fires on Thursday?

Two 7in Amazon Kindle Fires on Thursday?Amazon is doing a pretty good job of keeping a lid on its imminent new wares. No one’s entirely sure what to expect from its mysterious September 6 event.

However, one spanking new rumour suggests we should prepare ourselves for not one but two new 7in Amazon Kindle Fires. What the…?

We’ve heard all sorts of rumours over the past few months, including stories of an 8.9in Kindle Fire, a 10in iPad-style version, and even an Amazon smartphone.

But sources of CNET reckon we should forget that nonsense, and instead make two 7in tablet-shaped holes in our brains.

The first Amazon Kindle Fire will supposedly be much like the original, ‘cept with a spanking new UI. Meh.

The second new Amazon Kindle Fire will be a souped-up version, likely aimed at taking on the Nexus 7, which of course has a quad-core processor and front camera.

Interestingly, The Wall Street Journal chimes in with the suggestion that there’ll be a cheaper Amazon Kindle Fire, funded by ads that are presented when the user wakes the screen. Not the first time we’ve heard such rumours.

In any case, we’ll find out the real deal from Jeff Bezos & Co on Thursday.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 3, 2012 at 19:00

"Ad-supported" made me blow coffee all over the table. The Fire runs Android! It's one giant ad-support system...


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