7in Motorola Xoom leaked in blurry pic action?

7in Motorola Xoom leaked in blurry pic action?

Well, looky here. The latest new piece of badly photographed mobile kit to make it's way out of Leaky Town appears to be a 7in version of the Motorola Xoom tablet.

That's what we're being told to believe from that decidedly blurred word appearing on the device's top left, which to be fair does seem to be vaguely Motorola logo-esque.

We have the chaps over at This Is My Next to thank for letting us in on the pic, which arrived via an unnamed tipster, and providing a fair bit of sensible speculation as to what it's actually showing us.

To start with, one thing we certainly don't need help in seeing for ourselves is that this is a seriously skinny piece of tabletage, and by no means just a smaller-screened version of the current 10in Xoom.

However, the site goes on to take a punt that the black areas down the bottom are micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports – a fairly safe bet – and that both they and the placing of the blurred logo hint at a device designed to be used mainly in portrait orientation, an interesting point.

Apparently a smaller version of the Xoom is supposed to be in the works, though we're not sure to what degree – if any – new product development at Moto has been thrown out by the prospective takeover by Google.

And with that last statement in mind, you really don't need us to tell you that this supposed 7in Xoom will be running Android if/when it appears, do you?

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