98 billion mobile app downloads expected in 2015

98 billion mobile app downloads expected in 2015We love a spot of "forecasting" or "crystal ball gazing" – call it what you will – here at Mobot. Here we have Gothenburg-based “premier business intelligence” chaps, Berg Insight, talking about the future of apps.

Essentially it’s good news all round, as both the number of apps and the subsequent revenue are expected to increase significantly, with a mammoth 98 billion app downloads predicted in 2015.

Berg Insight suggests that global app downloads will rise with a compound annual growth rate of 56.6% ‘tween 2010 and 2015. Revenue will grow at 40.7%, yielding €8.8 billion in 2015.

The App Store is currently number one in direct monetisation, and will maintain pole position over the forecast period, with the Android Market and Windows Marketplace taking second and third respectively.

"Even though the download numbers will increase during the forecast period, most apps are free to download and app monetisation will be a challenge for developers", suggests Johan Svanberg, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight.

"Free to download monetisation strategies such as in-app advertising and in-app purchasing will be increasingly important. This is especially true in the APAC region, which will account for over 40 percent of all mobile app downloads in 2015."

There’s an Apac city in Uganda, but I think Johan probably means Asia Pacific.

via: Berg Insight

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