Aaaargh... the diagonal, screens and pet peeves...

Okay, am I weird? Just read this unpacking article on Recombu http://recombu.com/news/nokia-e7-whats-in-the-box_M13801-1.html
Dealing with the Nokia E7, the author points out that the screen size of the Nokia E7 is 4 inches - that IS the screen diagonal. Then it goes on: that screen is 'slightly bigger' than that of the Nokia N8 with its 3.5 inch diagonal. SLIGHTLY?
What happened to math? Geometry?
My Nokia C7 has a 3.5 inch screen. For us metric folks: the C7 has a screen area of appr. 32 sqcm! If Nokia extended the diagonal from 3.5'' to 4'', the screen of my Nokia C7 would increase in size (area) to appr 45 sqcm!!!!!! Do the math!
A half inch increase diagonally does not make a 'slightly' bigger screen! It gains around 40%.

LOL now coffee

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