ABI: Android tablets to outsell Apple’s iPads in 2013

ABI: Android tablets to outsell Apple’s iPads in 2013Around a month ago, IDC glimpsed into the future and revealed that Android tablets would finally outsell Apple’s iPads in 2013.

Not to be outdone, fellow analysts ABI Research are saying, er, exactly the same thing; that this is the year for Android tablets.

ABI reckons 2013 tablet shipments will hit 150 million in total, representing a 38% year-on-year increase. Incidentally, that's significantly smaller than IDC's prediction of 190 million, but - to be fair - crystal ball gazing isn't an exact science.

And while IDC specifically predicted a 48.8/46% Android/iOS split in the 2013 tablet market share, ABI neglects to give particular figures. It does, however, state that the iPads grabbed 60% share in 2012.

“The tide is definitely turning toward Android-based tablets, though Apple will not slouch as it feels the competition approaching,” begins ABI’s Jeff Orr.

“The iPad mini was a timely introduction in 2012, though ABI Research remains cautious about the bottom line impact this is having for Apple. The first quarter of 2013 should be the first time where production was able to meet market demand and a better sense of how much 9.7in iPad volume has switched to the smaller, lower-cost mini will be understood.”

Ah well, it was bound to happen one day (/year), and it’s hardly an impressive feat considering there are just three iPad models (iPad 2, iPad 4, iPad mini) vs. 3,000* Android tablets (*figure entirely made up but probably not far off).

When one individual Android tablet outsells the iPad, then we’ll applaud.

via: BusinessWire

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 16, 2013 at 00:27

3,000 is ACTUALLY not that far off. It's why these comparisons are idiotic.
But I guess I go back to talk to my wall a bit...


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