How to access US South Park Studios from your UK Android smartphone or tablet

How to access US South Park Studios from your UK Android smartphone or tablet

I’ve been meaning to catch up with Season 18 of South Park for several weeks, and the legitimate way to do that – for those in the US, at least – is to hit up South Park Studios.

Here we’re relaying some outrageously simple instructions (seriously, it’s essentially a one-line answer) for accessing the US branch of South Park Studios on your UK Android smartphone or tablet.

A little background first of all. The US South Park Studios formerly played host to every single South Park episode ever. EVER.

Alas, the service is now powered by money-grabbing Hulu in the US, and only 30 episodes are available to view for free at any one time – the entire library appearing over on Hulu Plus.

Still, that’s significantly better than the situation on, where 24 hours of access costs £2; a 7-day pass comes in at £3. Lovely.

If you’d rather hold onto those few pound coins and access the US South Park Studios, simply install Hola Free VPN and hit the link. That’s it.

The process is slightly easier than accessing US Netflix in the UK on Android (since you need an account for Netflix), and far, far easier than accessing the WWE Network in the UK on Android (since you need a US-based account, and to take further steps to mask your location).

The other reason I mention South Park Season 18 is because the most recent episodes have focused on mobile technology: The Magic Bush (S18E05) sees Cartman controlling an Amazon-style drone; in Freemium Isn’t Free (S18E06), Stan becomes addicted to the “free” Terrance and Phillip mobile game; while Grounded Vindaloop (S18E07) takes aim at virtual reality, with the likes of the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR in mind.

All three of those are currently included in South Park Studios' 30 free episodes. I might just write a little about them as soon as I get caught up. South Park Studios, here I come!

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CTPAHHIK  Nov. 21, 2014 at 16:33

I never watch South Park, but might check out specific episodes now. Thank you

I'll pass on the guide. Finding Piratebay mirror is much easier.


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