Acer Liquid ZX: 3.5in of smartphone

Acer Liquid ZX: 3.5in of smartphoneZX is a combination mostly synonymous with the ZX Spectrum, or perhaps the Citroen ZX motorised vehicle. ZX? Yeah, ZX.

Acer is reportedly prepping some ZX action of its own, namely the Acer Liquid ZX smartphone, and it’ll seemingly come with a 3.5in display.

That’s the good word over on Pocket-lint, and, er, that’s about all there is to the story at present. Let’s listen to Acer’s president of smartphone, ST Liew.

"A lot of people have started abandoning 3.5 inch,” mourns Liew. “No, we are going to persist on 3.5 inch and we are going to make a 3.5 inch suitable for a segment of people that treasure smaller screen devices."

The Apple iPhone has only just moved away from 3.5in, with the 4in iPhone 5. All previous iPhones had 3.5in displays.

However, Apple is pretty far behind the rest of the pack. The HTC One has a 4.7in display, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z weigh in at 5in. The consensus seems to be that bigger is better.

Clearly, however, Acer believes there’s still a market for 3.5in smartphones. But while we’d like to believe it’s planning something with impressive internals, Liquid ZX specs are more likely to include a 5MP rear camera and 512MB of RAM, bit like the discontinued Acer Liquid Metal.

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