Is Acer prepping a ‘slew’ of Windows Phone smartphones?

Is Acer prepping a ‘slew’ of Windows Phone smartphones?Windows Phone has long struggled with manufacturer support, and even with the license fee waived (rumoured to have been $15 per handset), we haven’t exactly been inundated with non-Lumia WinPho devices.

That might be about to change from early next year, however, with a spanking new rumour suggesting Taiwanese manufacturer Acer is on the verge of launching a “slew” of Windows Phones.

Acer churned out the little-known W4 WinPho handset way back in 2011, back when we were still on Windows Phone 7. More recently - three years later - it vowed to stay away from the OS, but Gizbot hears different.

Here’s the juicy bit: “We heard that Acer would never make a Windows-­powered handset again. Well, it seems that Acer is re­looking to unveil a slew of Windows Phone smartphones next year.

“Exact information and launch details have been kept under tight wraps, however, we've been told that the company could launch its new Windows Phone lineup in the first half of 2015.”

A “first half” launch immediately has us wondering if we might meet one – or some – of these Acer Windows Phones at CES 2015 in January, or perhaps Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in February.

In any case, the term “slew” suggests we’ll meet a range of handsets with different specs and varied price points. Acer isn’t exactly a high-end smartphone player, though the recent Liquid Jade was kinda sorta ok.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 10, 2014 at 11:57

Acer never said they'd "never ever" make another WP handset...
But hey.
Anyways. Good news, this. MS/Nokia's Lumia range can need all the cooperation/competition it can get. Having your range branded as 'samey' is not good.
The only 'different' WP 8.x.x device is the HTC One M8 for Windows, and that is, of course,
a limited targeted attack on the WP-shy US citizenry.
So, bring it on, Acer - a few decent devices that won't be touched with a barge pole by any network in Europe. Happy times.
As to the Liquid Jade being okay? Most Acer Android phones were/are okay. They are fairly priced devices. And unlike the lottery style warranty and software support you enjoy with cheaper import phones, Acer offer pretty decent T&Cs, deliver updates and fixes in a fairly reliable fashion - Android updates often arrive on Acer handsets before the big players can be a*sed to start coding it around their bloatware.


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