Acer W4 Windows Phone unveiled (Computex 2011)

Acer W4 Windows Phone unveiled (Computex 2011)Last week we heard about the new Windows Phone 7 partners Microsoft had lined up to take its Mango-flavoured platform forward.

Fast forward to this week, and the Computex trade show over in Taiwan, and one of those new partners – Acer – has whipped the covers off the handset it'll be basing its WinPho ambitions on: the Acer W4.

Given the hardware restrictions Microsoft imposes on handsets running its mobile OS – a point Acer itself has already publicly criticised – new Windows Phone announcements seldom come as jaw-dropping surprises, and so it is with the W4.

Its looks are very much middle-of-the-road if the pic published by Chinese site is anything to go by, while the screen is a 3.5in WVGA effort – that's a resolution of 480 x 800 if you prefer it in numbers.

The processor is a 1GHz Qualcomm MSN8255, while you get 8GB of on-board storage, a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and all the usual connectivity baubles like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and DLNA. And of course, Windows Phone Mango.

It's by no means a knockout spec, so we're hoping the W4 will have a less-than-premium price tag to match. It should still be a few months before the W4 actually appears on the shelves – Mango itself isn't ready for the prime time yet, after all – but we'll keep you posted!

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