Still addicted to Words With Friends

Still addicted to Words With FriendsI recently made the mistake of downloading Words With Friends for Android. Check out the review I posted earlier this week. A perfect 5/5. I think I stand by that score. Mostly.

Words With Friends fever took hold immediately, as I desperately searched for people to play with. It wasn’t hard, given that it’s available for both Android and iOS, and both versions are fully compatible.

The only problem is that it’s so friggin’ compulsive. Like I mentioned in the review, you’ll inevitably find yourself going in and out of the various boards ad nauseum. Even if it’s your friend’s turn, you can still check out the board and plan ahead to an extent. Sigh.

I thought Words With Friends had lessened its grip somewhat when one of my friends appeared and gave me an absolute hiding. Suddenly it was a rubbish game; utterly random and completely unfair. Until I got my revenge and blew him out of the water. Sah-weet.

But going back to it being compulsive, it really was becoming a bit of a problem. I’m over visiting my lady friend in Australia at the moment, and we had to make a pact to not play it in each other’s company. It’s ok when she’s at work and I’m in the library, but not when we’re sitting beside each other on the couch.

Unless, of course, she gets up to make a cup of tea, in which case I might have a quick look and see what I can’t do with that irksome Q I’ve had in my arsenal for several turns. “Oi, what are you doing?!” “Just texting my mum.”

There are a few things I’d like to see added to Words With Friends. Zynga, if you’re listening, can we please have the following stats in an update?

  • Games played
  • Games won
  • Games lost
  • Longest word
  • Highest scoring word
  • Total words made
  • Total time played (that might be quite scary, actually)

Oh, and maybe we could have some sort of dictionary function within the board. There’s no penalty for putting down random nonsense; you simply have to keep trying till you put down a valid word, so some of my friends have come out with complete belters. What the hell does “oka” mean, for example? Or “vaw”? My Word spellchecker doesn’t seem to like either of them.

Right, enough about Words With Friends. Let’s talk about something else, shall we?

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