Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad released

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad releasedAdobe has released Photoshop Touch for the iPad during Mobile World Congress, three months after the Photoshop Touch for Android became available.

As the tablet version of Adobe's popular Photoshop software, it allows you to use layers, apply effects, touch up photos, and more.

It also comes with several features touch-unique features, such as the Scribble Selection Tool which lets you easily select certain areas which can then be removed or otherwise processed.

Google Image Search is directly available from the application, as well as sharing through Facebook.

While obviously very limited compared to the desktop version – it won't even open existing PSD files correctly – Photoshop Touch also has its own distinct shortcomings.

For example,  even though it won't run on the original iPad and requires the faster iPad 2, reviewers have noted that scrolling can be quite laggy, since the app is based on Adobe AIR.

We'd suggest you to read the in-depth review from MacStories before purchasing this £7 from the App Store, or alternatively consider the free but even more limited Photoshop Express. As previously noted, Photoshop Touch is also available for Android.

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