Adobe promises Galaxy Nexus Flash arriving in December

Adobe promises Galaxy Nexus Flash arriving in DecemberAnyone who read our recent review of the latest flagship Google handset, the Galaxy Nexus, would be all too aware of our shock and horror that it doesn't support Flash yet.

Well, that's thankfully being rectified - with Adobe promising early adopters that an update will be here in the early days of this month.

It was one of the shocks of Ice Cream Sandwich when we first played with it. Not so much because Adobe didn't want to support Flash - but because ICS was so new, the software just hadn't been updated. And with Flash now a staple part of the Android ecosystem (ever since FroYo), it's absence really was noticeable.

But Adobe's announcement is all a bit bittersweet. Yes, the release is coming. But it's curtains after that. Adobe has admitted that Flash is in the pan - or more precisely, being flushed down the pan after this release with only support offered and no further updates.

It's because HTML5 is now being seen as the industry standard. Partly thanks to changing habits, partly thanks to Uncle Steve, Flash has had its day.

But at least your shiny new smartphone won't be crippled for too long!

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