Amazing Alex and its amazing success

Amazing Alex and its amazing success Sometimes, an app comes along that just wows the crowd and becomes the next big thing.

In recent times, we've had the likes of Draw Something, Words With Friends, Cut The Rope and Fruit Ninja (the latter even a personal fave of David Cameron). And now, it's Amazing Alex.

We shouldn't be too surprised by its success, either. Amazing Alex, which has topped the iPhone download charts in 35 countries and the iPad charts in 50 - is made by Rovio, the very same Rovio that's responsible for Angry Birds - probably the single best known smartphone game on the planet.

The family connection certainly hasn't hurt Amazing Alex's cause - in fact it shot straight to the top of the charts almost on release, something that would never have happened had someone else been behind it.

It's not just an iOS favourite, either. It's fifth in the top paid-for apps chart on Android. Which itself is a good place to be since Android users (this writer is one before anybody gets antsy) are (statistically) less likely to pay for apps than iOs-ers

The actual crux of the game is - like so many best sellers - very simple. It's not an over complex strategy time waster, but a simple puzzle where you have to help Alex solve tasks in his bedroom (which, we assume, makes him Amazing).

It's good to see a company follow up on one successful release with another one - even if we do feel extremely jealous of its success. Goes to show that they're not all one hit wonders, although we get the feeling Rovio could have come up with a blank screensaver as it would have been a hit thanks to the Angry Birds connection.

It may be a bit much though to start expecting plush Amazing Alex toys on the shelves of Hamleys and talk of an Amazing Alex movie. Mind, it it's good enough for Angry Birds...

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krogothnx  Jul. 17, 2012 at 12:23

I tried playing it yesterday... honestly, it bored the hell out of me.


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