Amazon Appstore for Android goes global. Possibly

Amazon Appstore for Android goes global. PossiblyAmazon launched its Appstore for Android way back in March, with a cheeky Angry Birds Rio exclusive free download. Apple had a good moan about the whole thing (surprise, surprise), but the book giant soldiered on with its plans regardless.

It’s been fairly quiet on the US-only Amazon Appstore for Android front since then, but some international users are now claiming that they’ve been able to download apps.

Specifically, peeps in western Europe, India and Australia say they’ve been able to make use of the service, which offers a daily free app and the ability to "test drive" content. However, on attempting to access the Amazon Appstore for Android myself, I get the following message:

Amazon Appstore for Android goes global. PossiblyEngadget confirms that it’s been able to access the Amazon Appstore for Android via with its UK account, though it’s not clear which country the guy (or gal) was in at the time.

This is all very bizarre, and as yet there hasn't been any indication from Amazon that the service is available to anyone other than Yanks.

Have any Mobotniks had any luck? Let us know how you get on, dudes.

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Ergates  Sep. 20, 2011 at 14:36

Yes, it worked for me the other day from my T-Mobile UK Defy. I grabbed PrinterShare while it was free and the download seemed to work fine. Thought I'd bagged a bargain but the app hasn't worked properly with my printer yet!

dasher  Sep. 20, 2011 at 15:15

Can certainly browse the app store but as soon as I try to grab a free app I am told the store is not yet available in my region (UK).

You can certainly get away with it by creating a new US identity I have been told.

bcroc  Sep. 20, 2011 at 17:39

I was able to download the app of the day yesterday, however today it says my country isn't supported. Probably it was a test version? T-mobile Hungary


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