Amazon cancelling Asus Transformer Prime pre-orders

Amazon cancelling Asus Transformer Prime pre-ordersWe've never been altogether convinced by this whole pre-order malarkey. Far too often retailers slap up pre-order pages for newly announced kit, listing prices and shipping dates that have yet to be officially confirmed and are in many cases completely wrong.

But Amazon has taken things to a whole new level by arbitrarily cancelling many pre-orders for the upcoming Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime over in the US due to a “lack of availability” of stock.

Now maybe we're missing the point here, but isn't that kind of the whole point of pre-ordering in the first place? If it was available, after all, you wouldn't have to pre-order it – you could simply buy it.

Either way, a good number of Amazon customers who have pre-ordered the Asus tablet, which is set to go on sale in mid-December, have been informed by email that their orders have been cancelled thanks to a lack of availability from suppliers.

Amazon has clarified that this doesn't mean there's a lack of Eee Pad Transformer Prime stock in general – just that's its own supplier doesn't have the numbers to fulfil pre-order demand. We'd have thought customers might at least be given the option to keep their order in place to be fulfilled once more stock arrives, but that's not how the Big A is choosing to play it.

If you were really paranoid – and in this case we're not – you might be wondering if the whole thing is actually just aimed at sabotaging a key rival in the hope of selling more Amazon Kindle Fire units instead.

And in any case, it's all just by the by for us in the UK: Asus has yet to reveal when the Eee Pad Transformer Prime will land in the UK. And ditto the Kindle Fire, while we're at it.

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darkspark88  Dec. 4, 2011 at 17:51

I'd argue that Amazon are doing the responsible thing. Since they don't take payment till shipment, its not great customer relations to hold an order open if there isn't a shot of fulfilling it in a reasonable timeframe. There are plenty of other stores out there that do the opposite. Tell you something is in stock, take your money and do nothing to inform the customer that the order will be delayed.

johncagewins  Dec. 4, 2011 at 20:30

I e-mailed Amazon after getting my pre-order cancelled. I got the expected, long-winded, PR-ish e-mail reply: We're really sorry. We expected to get a lot more than we will, etc, etc.

I would have pre-ordered somewhere else, but I'm using Amazon gift cards to pay for it. So, I hope they are in stock quickly after the release date.

bajungadustin  Dec. 13, 2011 at 18:23

you are an i**t. companies like asus tell companies like Amazon and best buy that they are going to have soo many units available. then one of 2 things happens.

either the company selling the preorders goofs and they set up too many preorders.

or there is a bottleneck in production and the company isnt going to have as many as promised.

NOW... it would be at this point that companies would (and should) CANCEL some of the preorders that they have.

because preordering is made for people who want the product the day it comes out. if you are not going to get it the day it comes out then there is no point preordering.

dont be a d****s in the future [MOD Edit: and you watch your language from now on ;) Welcome for now]

xplicitmind  Feb. 6, 2012 at 18:01

so is this happening even now? my gf ordered me a TFP on dec24 from amazon. got a msg saying it's in stock and we'll ship as early at jan 21. supposed to be delivered on feb27. feb 4, received an email that we're sorry, we do not have enough in stock and cancelled the order giving a full refund. what is that all about?! did anyone get this too? i think if there are pre-orders, asus would have had some agreements with companies doing this. not sure if it's asus or amazon, pretty sure i won't be shopping directly from amazon any longer after this whole thing.


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