Amazon contemplating NFC-based services

Amazon contemplating NFC-based servicesI fondly remember the days when Amazon was predominantly known for selling books. Now nary a day goes past that we, a mobile phone site, don’t mention the Kindle dudes.

Amazon recently launched the Android Appstore (much to the chagrin of Apple) as well as its music streaming thingy, Amazon Cloud Player. Ye olde rumour mill is also fairly certain that we’ll eventually see a tablet from Amazon, and now Bloomberg reports that it's considering a move into Near Field Communication (NFC). Phew, that's a lot of Amazon action.

NFC is something else we’re writing about a lot these days. The technology allows smartphones to make contactless payments, and is set to become HUGE. ABI research estimates that 340 million mobile payments will be made worldwide in 2014.

Two people with “knowledge of the project” told Bloomberg that Amazon’s Payments team is looking into providing NFC-based services. One example given is tapping the phone against an in-store item’s NFC tag to check availability on Amazon.

A similar service, Price Check by Amazon, already exists for the iPhone. It allows consumers to compare in-store prices against Amazon’s.

Cool stuff, but I kinda preferred when Amazon was a humble book seller. That’s capitalism for you, eh?

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