Amazon expected to unveil Kindle Fire tablet tomorrow

Amazon expected to unveil Kindle Fire tablet tomorrowWe mentioned last week that Amazon sent out a rather cryptic invite to a New York event scheduled for, let’s see, tomorrow actually.

The industry raised a collective eyebrow as if to say: “That’ll be the Amazon Kindle tablet then,” and that’s exactly what TechCrunch’s sources are telling them.

Supposedly it’ll be called the Amazon Kindle Fire, to help differentiate it from the existing Amazon Kindles. Incidentally, it’s suggested that the latter will be called Amazon Kindle Readers from tomorrow onwards.

In terms of specs, we’re still expecting a 7in backlit display with a similar style to the BlackBerry PlayBook, a completely customised version of Android (so much so that it’s reportedly unrecognisable), and possibly a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP chip.

Of course, Amazon will be keen to promote the various services it’s been busy working on this year, such as its own Android Appstore, Amazon Prime for streaming movies, and its Cloud Player for MP3s.

And not forgetting the biggest coup: the price. The Amazon Kindle Fire is expected to sell for $249 a pop. Even if that translates to £249 over here, I’d still be seriously tempted.

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