Amazon Fire OS 3.0: Mojito detailed

Amazon Fire OS 3.0: Mojito detailedI scribbled about Amazon’s shiny new hardware earlier today, namely the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (x2) and the wallet-friendly refreshed Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

On the software side of things, Bezos took great pride in talking about the latest version of the Amazon Kindle Fire operating system, codenamed Mojito.

As per tradition, Amazon’s Mojito is based on Android (Jelly Bean in this instance), and there’s still no access to Google Play.

Instead, what we have is a focus on Amazon content, which – let’s face it – is what allows Amazon to sell the Kindle Fires so cheaply. The new Amazon Kindle Fire HD will sell in the States for just $139 (£86).

One of the key Amazon Mojito features is – as I touched on earlier – Mayday, though it’s only available on the Kindle Fire HDX (the Kindle Fire HD doesn’t have a microphone).

Via Quick Settings, you can launch an Amazon Mayday help session 24/7 365 days a year. Essentially it’s a one-way video call, where you can see the customer service person but they can’t see you. What they can do is talk you through stuff – or even take control of your tablet.

Another feature, Second Screen, lets you fire content from your Amazon Kindle Fire to your PlayStation 3 or 4, or Samsung smart TV (those seem to be the only official partners at the moment).

More specifically, what you’re actually doing is using your Amazon Kindle Fire to pull stuff from the cloud; you’re not sending the content directly from the tablet as such.

Amazon X-Ray will continue to provide contextual information (in conjunction with IMDB for video content; actors, characters, trivia…), and it’s now extended to include music.

The Mojito 3.1 update will introduce Goodreads, which lets you share quotes, review titles and get recommendations while reading.

Finally, there’s a push to entice enterprise users, with support for wireless printing, VPNs, and threaded email messages.

The new Amazon Kindle Fires will ship with Mojito, and it’s suggested that the older models might see an update in due course.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 25, 2013 at 14:08

What a name?! Why not call it bezOS?

Stelph  Sep. 25, 2013 at 15:42

I like the name, waiting for jäger bomb, sex on the beach and cosmopolitan future updates


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