Amazon Fire Phone sales embarrassment: no more than 35,000 sold so far

Amazon Fire Phone sales embarrassment: no more than 35,000 sold so farWhen Amazon launched its debut smartphone, the Fire Phone, in July, it put to an end to more than two years of rumours following the launch of the Kindle Fire tablet back in 2011.

But while the Kindle Fire was a sales hit from the start, early data suggests the Fire Phone has barely flickered at all.

The Guardian estimates that as few as 35,000 Fire Phones have been sold to date in the US, a fairly miserable total by any reckoning.

As you'd imagine, the figure isn't supplied by Amazon itself – even if it did publicise its hardware sales figures (and it doesn't), it's hardly the kind of number you'd want to draw any attention to.

Instead, the figure is the result of some fairly serious number-crunching by The Guardian itself based on a combination of ComScore data on the overall US smartphone market, and the Fire Phone's share of ad impressions on the Chitika network.

The fine print is fairly complex, but the reasoning is sound and the upshot is that Amazon has sold at most 35,000 units in total. In other words, it could be even less than that.

So why are the figures so dismal? It's mostly to do with cost. While the Kindle Fire was priced aggressively, and together with the Nexus 7 was the main force behind the rise of affordable 7in tablets, the Fire Phone is just the opposite.

Its pricing is very much in premium territory – think iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 – but its spec sheet and review scores very much aren't. The result is an almost embarrassing lack of demand.

From a UK perspective, when Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire we were frustrated at how long it took to finally bring its forked Android slab across the Atlantic. With the Fire Phone, we aren't really bothered either way.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 27, 2014 at 18:22

TBH - it hasn't actually registered with me and my head that the thing is out...

CTPAHHIK  Aug. 27, 2014 at 18:48

Fire is exclusive to AT&T and cannot be bought without a contract. Everything that sells on AT&T is result of advertisement and I don't see much effort on AT&T end behind Amazon phone.
One might think that big front page of would boost their sales, until one considers how often they shop on Amazon for a mobile contract?


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