Amazon introduces interest-free loans for Kindle Fire HDX stateside

Amazon introduces interest-free loans for Kindle Fire HDX statesideWord on the street suggests Amazon’s ever-increasing army of Kindle Fire devices is selling pretty well, though exact figures remain typically elusive.

But no capitalist fiend is happy with just cruising along doing pretty well, and with that in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that retail colossus Amazon is introducing payment schemes for US consumers who maybe can’t quite afford a Kindle Fire HDX in one payment.

“We're sorry, you are not eligible for this offer”, screams Amazon’s US website in our UK-scented faces, but – thankfully – the fine details are ably relayed by America's AllThingsD.

Essentially, Amazon will give you nine months to pay up your shiny new Kindle Fire HDX: 25% up-front (plus taxes and shipping, initially), and an equivalent 25% payment every three months thereafter.

To be fair, Amazon doesn’t benefit from the instalment plan directly, in the sense that there’s no interest. You’re simply spreading the cost.

However, if you find yourself falling behind, Amazon will take the necessary steps to punish your recklessness.

Team Bezos warns: “Our remedies will include the right to deregister your Kindle Fire HDX device, which will block your ability to access Amazon content from your Kindle Fire HDX device.”

Presumably the scheme will hit David Cameron’s shores next year at some point, should it prove fruitful.

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