Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to boast improved display

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to boast improved displayThe next Amazon Kindle Fire – the Amazon Kindle Fire 2, I guess – is currently receiving a fair bit of attention from ye olde rumour mill.

Recent whisperings have suggested it’ll be an enhanced Amazon Kindle Fire rather than a balls-out 10in sequel, and that’s exactly what we’re hearing today.

The latest Amazon Kindle Fire 2 news comes via AllThingsD, and “sources familiar with Amazon’s plans”.

The story is focused around an improved 1280 x 800 display (the current Amazon Kindle Fire is 1024 x 600). It’s suggested that the improvement will incur a change in aspect ratio, specifically from 1.71 to 1.60.

Pixel density would also increase 29% over the current Amazon Kindle Fire, yielding a PPI of 216.

Incidentally, that 1280 x 800 resolution would be the same as the recently revealed Asus Nexus 7.

Other Amazon Kindle Fire 2 specs are thought to include a nippier processor, and some sort of in-built camera.

It’s also thought that the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 might make an appearance outside the US. At present, the Amazon Kindle Fire is only available stateside, though recently we heard that the Amazon Android Appstore is officially coming to the UK.

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