Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tipped for July 31 launch

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tipped for July 31 launchThere have been fairly constant rumblings about a potential Amazon Kindle Fire 2 practically since the original 7-incher first launched nine months or so ago now.

And just in case talk of the Amazon Appstore landing on these shores and a potential UK launch (finally!) for the Kindle Fire itself have distracted you, here's some fresh Kindle Fire 2 speculation to focus the mind: Amazon's second-gen tablet offering has been tipped for its grand reveal over on July 31.

That's what CNET in the US is claiming, courtesy of the time-honoured “credible source” (has anyone ever claimed to be anything else?). However, even assuming that launch date is correct, there still remain far more questions than clear answers when it comes to Kindle Fire 2 specifics.

The likes of DigiTimes has seemingly adopted a scatter-gun approach to reporting rumours surrounding Amazon's tablet follow-on, and by now we've heard claims involving a variety of different screen sizes, resolutions, feature sets and of course launch dates.

What does seem certain is that Amazon will stick to the same pricing strategy that has made the original Kindle Fire so successful – in other words, subsidise the initial asking price and make up the difference in app and content sales from the Amazon Appstore.

Of course, even if the Kindle Fire 2 does land as soon as next month, it will be up against some serious competition in the form of the soon-to-be-announced Asus/Google Nexus 7, which is aiming for exactly the same entry-level tablet space Amazon has thus far had all to itself.

CNET's source reckons the second-generation Kindle Fire will have a camera and physical volume control buttons built in, addressing two of the fairly long list of limitations that have frustrated owners of the largely bare-bones original.

We're assuming there will be other improvements too, including a better display and beefier internal components, but it seems the new model will still be restricted to just 8GB of internal storage, with no expansion slot for adding more.

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Pondlife  Jun. 27, 2012 at 16:02

Seems largely irrelevant now, especially this side of the pond


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