Amazon Kindle Fire: 8.9in version next?

Amazon Kindle Fire: 8.9in version next?You may recall talk of Amazon working on “a family of devices” in the weeks and months leading up to the 7in Kindle Fire tablet's official unveiling last month.

Well it's time to take up the story again, it seems. The latest rumours are pointing to an 8.9in slate being lined up to join its little brother out in the wild, followed by the inevitable 10in model.

If you're a regular follower of mobile news, the very mention of the phrase “sources in the supply chain” should have you thinking just one thing – DigiTimes. The Taiwanese industry publication often kindles (ahem) rumours and undercurrents of speculation based on its connections with the major component makers in the Far East.

So what's the word on the Kindle Fire? Well, nobody is expecting the 7in version to be the only option available for too long, but it seems Amazon has switched tack from working on a 9.7in-10.1in variant to focusing instead on a halfway-house 8.9in screen size.

LG Display and CPT supply the 7in panels for the model already released, and DigiTimes reports they're already preparing production of a batch of 8.9in LCDs.

Given existing rumours it's safe to assume Amazon has always had three different screen sizes in mind for the Kindle Fire, and it's just the release order that's changed. And while DigiTimes doesn't offer a concrete reason for the change, it's safe to assume it has a lot to do with the huge demand for touchscreen panels around the 10-inch mark – and yes we're looking at you here, Mr iPad.

Focusing on an 8.9in model first would give Amazon a foothold in the mid-size section of the market, where the only real competition is likely to be Samsung's medium-sized Galaxy Tab, and give it more time to secure a decent supply of larger screens for the big daddy version.

Of course, on an official level we don't actually care, as the US-based Amazon is one of the worst of all when it comes to releasing its products internationally. As of now we still have absolutely no idea when – or even if – the Kindle Fire will be available to us poor tablet-starved kids here in the UK, whether in 7in, 8.9in or any other screen size.

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