Amazon Kindle Fire update on the way

Amazon Kindle Fire update on the wayAhh, the Amazon Kindle Fire. How many news stories have you generated over the past few months? More than your fair share, you cheeky devil.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is selling by the bucket load over in the States, though “interface expert” Jakob Nielsen recently denounced the tablet as “disappointingly poor”. Amazon hopes to address at least some of the Kindle Fire’s apparent shortcomings with an imminent update.

Of course, many of the gripes are hardware based. Early adopters have bemoaned the position of the power button, which reportedly makes it all too easy to accidentally switch off the Amazon Kindle Fire.

There’s also no external volume control, which seems like an odd omission in this day and age. Really, Amazon? Really?

On the plus side (ahem), some of the UI-related niggles should (hopefully) be addressed by the update. Amazon spokesperson Drew Herdener promises: “In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire.”

There are growing rumours of an early 2012 release for the Amazon Kindle Fire in the UK. I’m beginning to wonder if we’d be better off waiting for the 10in model, but that'll inevitably bring its own niggles. And the cycle of technology goes on...

via: NYTimes

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