Amazon kindles tablet launch hopes for September 28

Amazon kindles tablet launch hopes for September 28So the Amazon tablet, then – which a lot of people reckon is going to be called the Amazon Kindle (as opposed to the Amazon Kindle Reader, which is what the ebook reader will be renamed).

We know it's coming, and now Amazon has sent out a cryptic press invite in the US for a press conference in New York on Wednesday. It's not saying what it's all about, but sometimes one plus one really is two, and we'd say some tablet action surely has to be on the cards.

A year ago the words Amazon and tablet wouldn't really have meant too much to us, but at the moment it's looking pretty likely to be the biggest rival yet to the Apple iPad.

There's some talk of a new Kindle Reader touching down, but it's the Android-powered tablet we're all looking forward to seeing.

Both 7in and 10in slates are expected – though probably not both at first – and the main reason we're so excited about it is the promise that the hardware itself should be relatively cheap, with Amazon looking to make its money from app sales from its Appstore – exactly the formula that's made the Kindle ebook reader so popular.

We'll find out – hopefully – on Wednesday.


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